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Bladder Tanks

bladder tank is a large, flexible container used to store many types of liquids. When maximum capacity is reached, the bladder tank takes the form of a large pillow, hence it is also knows as a pillow tank.
Food grade bladder tank

Different types and uses for Bladder tanks

For the use of static bladder storage tanks, installation is fast and simple and only requires a level-, free of sharp objects surface to protect the tank against damage from rocks and or spikes. Ideally a layer of sand or a special ground sheet is used to minimize surface irregularities. Static storage tanks, when used for Fuels or other hazardous chemicals, are usually placed within a berm with a liner for secondary containment to prevent adverse environmental effects if a bladder tank ever malfunctions. For most non-hazardous applications ground cloths or sheets are used made from geotextile or PVC.

Food Grade Bladder

Edible Oils, Fats, Wine, Juice, Syrups, Food additives, fish oil ect.


Diesel, jet fuels, crude oil, boifuels, paraffin, jet A1,

Firefighting Bladder

Fire protection water tanks developed to the French standard.

Transportable Bladder

Food grade bladder, fuel bladder and water bladder can be transportable


Three different specifications Budget, Standard and UN

Iso container bladder

High-temperature-resistant flexitank for international liquid shipping

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