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Water Bladder Tanks

Water bladder tanks are made in three different specification, Budget, Standard and UN, they also known as Pillow tanks.

water bladder tanks

Our Water Bladder Tanks are manufactured with the highest safety standards using the latest technology, proven over the last 20 years. Used in Agriculture, Defense Forces, Manufacturing, UN Aid, domestic and Rapid deployment for any liquid storage are just some of the applications available. The application for the water bladders dictates the use with or without a berm liner for secondary containment. A pillow tank operates in a vacuum, therefor what you put into a water bladder is also exactly what you get out. Zero dust, air or light exposure to your product

Flexitank Systems has the expertise to advice on all and any portable water tanks applications. The sizes of the rapid deployable tanks range from 100ℓ to 250 000ℓ capacities.  There is a standard range of water bladder tanks, however we can make tailor made, bespoke applications in any size, shape or fittings to order against drawings. Packed and folded-up for crating, the crate size ranges from 300 x 300 x 500 mm for a 100ℓ – to 2400 x 1500 x 1500 mm for a 250 000ℓ tank.

Water bladder tanks
Water bladder

Water Bladder tanks, Water bladder tanks also known as pillow tanks

The FTS tanks flexible tanks are the perfect solution to all your water storage and transportation needs at home on site or in the field.   Available between 1000 – 250 000 liters (larger bladder tanks can be custom made) and constructed from the toughest materials, easily transportable and versatile bladder tanks are the perfect fit for water storage and transportation in remote locations and can be used even on non level terrain, where building water storage tanks might be impossible. 

Unlike fixed storage tanks, pillow tanks are easily portable, allowing the user to relocate to where the water is needed quickly.  FTS tanks bladder tanks can be used in a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, industrial, commercial, marine, oil and gas, military and disaster relief / emergency management.  Our bladder tanks (sometimes known as pillow tanks) are available in PVC or co-polymer with a 2 inch inlet / outlet tank fitting with valve and cam lock included. Drinking water storage, wastewater containment, rainwater collection, farming, fuel storage, grey water storage for pressure washing systems, water storage and transport for Fire fighting, black-water (sewage) containment and rail-car tanks

Water Bladder tanks (Grey or potable)

Potable Water distribution and shortages will forever be a problem in Africa and creating infrastructure for water tanks can be and costly time consuming. With FTS water bladder tanks, you can transport an empty 40KL tank in a suitcase. Sewerage and grey water contamination can also easily be resolved through our flexible solutions. An easy efficient and to the point African solutions for African problems.

Water storage bladder

Water is the most important necessity of life. Why waste it,  our water bladders are the perfect solutions for short or long term water storage. We help you to save this valuable resource with a cost effective water bladder .

We provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly means of preserving and storing your water, whilst repairs or renovations are being carried out on your pool or pond. FTS tanks are a cost-effective, patented bladder reservoir for nearly all liquids and are easily rapidly deployable tanks.

The special shape causes a portable water tanks to rise up while being filled without any additional structure needed.

Plastic water tank or bladders has a longer lifespan than conventional mesh and vinyl reservoirs. Algae will not grow inside. Water is stored in a closed and dark environment. The rapid deployable portable water bladder tank works in a vacuum,  what you put into a water storage bladder is wat you get out. Water bladders is a closed tank, there is no evaporation or contamination.

water bladder tanks

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