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Food Grade Bladder tanks

Our Food Grade Bladder Tanks are manufactured with the highest safety standards using the latest technology, proven over the last 20 years.   The food grade bladders are double layered with a specially designed inner liner that is certified for food grade storage.

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Food Grade Bladder Tanks

  A bladder tank is also known as a pillow tank and operates in a vacuum, therefor what you put into a food grade bladder is also exactly what you get out. Zero dust, air or light exposure to your product

Flexitank Systems has the expertise to advice on all and any food grade bladder tank applications. The sizes of the food grade pillow tanks range from 1000ℓ to 250 000ℓ capacities.  There is a standard range of food grade bladder tanks, however we can  tailor-make, bespoke applications in any shape or size, and fittings to order against drawings. Packed and folded-up for crating, the crate size ranges from 300 x 300 x 500 mm for a 100ℓ – to 2400 x 1500 x 1500 mm for a 250 000ℓ tank.

Storable liquids

FTS tanks specialize in the manufacturing of transportable bladder tanks for the aviation industry,   whether its to extend the the fuel range of the aero plane or to simply to transfer bulk liquid to remote sites.  All tanks goes through a stringent quality control test.

Edible Oils

Nut oil

Olive oil

Sunflower oil

Sugar water






Foods additives


Fish oils



Advantages Of A Food Grade Bladder

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Quality guaranteed

When we manufacture food-grade  bladder tanks, first and foremost, our quality management system helps to ensure our bladders are the very best.  Additionally, FTS has a strong commitment to safety of our products, manufacturing our tanks to meet and exceed UN specifications. This dedication is why our quality control team double-checks every inch of each bladder — using test procedure such as ASTM 751 and the current U.S. mil-spec before shipping. All our tanks meet ISO 9001:2015 specification.

This is done to ensure every bladder meets the quality our customers expect and deserve.  Our food grade bladders can be built to hold a few litres for small farmers or 250 000 litres for commercial use.  We also provide containerized solutions where the bladder is incorporated into a 6m or 12m container.

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