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Square panel water tanks

FTS ​Square panel Tanks are made with pressed steel panels and are also known as panel steel tanks or sectional tanks and are suitable for the storage of medium to high volumes of water and other liquids. All ​Sectional Steel Panel Water Tank are hot dipped galvanized panels and can be tailor made to serve as various industrial and residential reservoir applications.

Square panel water tanks

 FTS can supply and install these panel tanks in any size ranging from 1000 to 5 Million litres. All ​Sectional steel Panel water Tanks structures are signed off by a registered engineer. Square Panel tanks can be ground based and serviced by a pressure vessel and pump or elevated up-to 35 meters to create water pressure by altitude.

Square panel tanks

Ground based

On concrete foundation

Elevated on tower

On Galvanised steel tower

water storage tanks

FTS tanks designs, manufactures and installs high quality underground,  ground level, elevated, sectional water storage tanks

FTS Tanks takes pride in excellent customer service and client satisfaction whilst always being on the lookout for brilliant new technology that can be used to improve our tanks, designs and large tank construction.

steel panel tanks

square water tanks

Rectangular water tank
Elevated water pressed steel tank
Pressed steel panel tanks
square panel tanks

The Square panel water tank specialist

FTS sectional steel tanks come in a modular system. Tanks are formed using prefabricated panels, cleats and internal bracing bolted together on site, to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities.

All mild steel components are hot-dipped galvanised as per SANS 121 (ISO 1461) and the tanks are sealed using our EPDM double flanged gasket which adds an extra 4mm double ribbed sealing solution. This is an important key factor for the water sealing and longevity of the tank.

The FTS sectional steel tank have the advantage of “Flat Packed” palletized consignments for economical transport, and enables rapid on-site assembly.

These tanks are installed on civil engineered concrete plinths, castellated beams or the FTS PR engineered and designed galvanised steel towers depending on client and site requirements

Tank refurbishments and tank maintenance solutions are also available from FTS tanks. Please contact us if you have any tank maintenance or refurbishment requirements.

Solutions & Benefits of our square water tanks

Killogram for kilogram our FTS bolted section steel water storage tanks are stronger and last longer because of our uniquely designed bracing. Because we use in-house installation teams the tanks are built quickly and efficiently. The step by step on boarding assists our clients throughout the process from beginning to end. Our tanks can be used for potable/drinking water, harvesting rain water for irrigation or used for fire suppression.

  • Uniquely designed bracing
  • In-House Installation Teams
  • Site / Installation Progression Feedback
  • Pre-Civil Work Inspection
  • Step by Step On-Boarding
  • Generic Civil Design
steel panel tanks
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Square panel water tanks

Without a cost-effective, convenient and stable water supply, every economy and community in Africa is at risk.

FTS Tanks supply top quality, extremely affordable, warranty protected pressed steel tanks that are highly efficient in all conditions.

FTS tanks Industrial Tanks are designed to hygienically contain water for all uses, from industrial to home use. Many requirements for special tanks and industrial tanks can also be accommodated by FTS Tanks.  From space restrictions to elevated requirements.

1 in 3 African citizens are impacted by water scarcity. 400 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to basic drinking water. Citizens in sub-Saharan Africa travel 30 minutes on average daily to access water.

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