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Liquid transportation Dracoons

Initially the Dracoon Loaders are the most economical way to transport liquids across the water and were used for military purposes involving the bulk transportation of water and various fuels. Commercial applications for various chemicals liquids (chemical compatibility) soon followed the world over and more specifically in the Great Lakes Regions in East Africa and the Rivers of the DRC and Nigeria in Middle and Western Africa.  Today, another frequently used function of the Dracoon is that of being an essential part of oil spill containment mop-ups and control operations in conjunction with our Flexitank Systems Oil-Booms.


A tried and tested concept, we now have an open water Liquid loading Towing Vessel. A redesigned and analysed solution (custom/engineered/bespoke) to what exactly determined the precise profiles needed to transmit towing forces and snatch loads. A concept used for over 50 years by the US and the UK as well as the Scandinavian MOD’s and Indian Coast Guards. We now make this product here in Africa known for its extremely harsh applications and conditions. As Flexitanks operate in a vacuum, what you put in is what you get out, no dust, air or light exposure to your product.  Our Dracoon is rigorously tested according to ISO 9000:2000 test guidelines.

Oil spill contamination boom are for inland and offshore protection of water. Lightweight and compact if inflatable. Can be folded into sections due to the flat panels. Stored in vehicles, boats or trucks for quick deployment by hand. Welded PVC or PU material. Freeboard is 6 inches and draft is 10 inches. Available in any length to order. This oil spill contamination boom has handles and anchor points. Available accessories include anchors, repair kits, carry bags, towing sets and reflectors. Easily cleaned with detergents or power washing. Use on any water when you have debris and oil to contain. For use on waterways, marinas and harbours. Floats on water. Contains all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oils and fuel oil as well as debris.

FTS tanks designs and builds towable storage tanks for storage and transport of potable water and hydrocarbons – either offloaded from vessels or recovered from oil spills at sea. A proven robust solution that offers unparalleled towing performance – towable by almost any craft at speeds up to 15 knots empty and 7 knots full. Smaller tanks can be lifted for rapid discharge or land transportation. They can be moored at sea or used for storage on any stable platform. The tank’s shallow draft enables access into tidal or shoaled areas. All components engineered to provide safe-working loads during towing operations. Available in a range of capacities, from 5m³ to 100m³.   

  FTS tanks floating tanks are a versatile solution to the problem of transporting oil recovered from the sea following a spill Flexible bladders for transporting oil recovered following a spill at sea Dracoons or Tug tanks are a versatile solution to the problem of transporting oil recovered from the sea following a spill. When empty, these tanks take up very little space, but once deployed on water provide high storage capacity. 

Dracoons come in sizes from 5 m3 up to 1000 m3 capacity and offer unique possibilities for storing and transporting recovered oil from remote locations. Oil bladders are deployed immediately, without the need for inflation or assembly, and can be towed at speeds of up to 5 knots. The tanks’ low draft also makes them ideal for use in shallow water, and they can even be used on land.

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