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Dam Liners

Flexitank systems are specialist installers and manufacturers of PVC liners that are used for different applications such as landfills, farm effluent ponds, fish ponds, concrete dams, irrigation dams etc.

Earth dam liner

earthdam liners

 Our liners range from thickness depending on application.  All our liners are proven and trusted by mines and municipalities and have a 5 year guarantee provided it is installed by a FTS tanks approved installer.

Liner Services

  • Lining of Concrete reservoirs – Reservoir liners
  • Lining of Corrugated reservoirs – Corrugated liners
  • Lining of Mesh reservoirs – Mesh liners
  • Lining of Panel reservoirs – Panel liners
  • Lining of Zinc Tanks – Zinc Tank liners, Panel Tank liner
  • Lining of Earth Dam structures – Earth dam liners
  • PVC Liners
  • Damtarp Liners
  • HDPE Liners
  • Vinyl Liners
  • Pond liners
dam Liners

Liner benefits

  • Prevents water loss through seepage
  • Prevents erosion of the pond banks from wave action
  • Liner prefabricated off-site – no on-site welding required
  • No specialist equipment required for installation
  • 10 year warranty against UV degradation
  • Maximum pond depth 3.5m
  • Pond liners are made to measure
  • Maximum Concrete reservoir depth 9m

Pond liner

FTS tanks creates custom-fabricated fish pond liner.

Before you even start work your most crucial decision is the pond liner. Obviously, you can’t have the water draining away, and you want a liner that will last for a very long time so you don’t have to disturb the pond environment. 

Ideally you want the freedom to fit your pond to your topography and landscape design, without having to install a pre-shaped liner. You also want to go as deep as necessary – at least 4 feet for a Koi pond, for example, and often much deeper.

All this indicates a flexible fabric liner for your fish pond. You need material that is:

  • Flexible enough to fold to the contours and corners of your pond bed
  • Light enough to work with easily.
  • Very strong and not prone to stretching.
  • Highly resistant to puncturing.
  • NON-TOXIC to aquatic life and plants.
  • Highly resistant to UV deterioration.
  • Durable enough to last for decades.
pond liner
dam liner

Dam liners

  • Ideally suited to a wide range of water and effluent containment and storage applications, our dam liner and water tank fabrics cater to the exacting needs of commercial and industrial water works. This includes the prefabrication of liners for transport to site.

    The range features industry-standard certified options for specific water potable applications, as well as tough and reliable generic fabrics for less demanding uses.

Tank Liners

FTS tanks offers a diverse range of tank liners. We manufacture our tank liners off site and install through out southern Africa so we’re not only able to ensure quality control, we’re also able to customise tank liner solutions for our individual customers.

Our experienced team has worked on everything from leaking domestic rainwater tanks to brand new million-litre commercial installations and concrete reservoirs.

No matter the application or liquid tank storage requirements, make sure to speak to our team and we’ll find a solution for you!

All our tank reservoir linings are a simple DIY installation. Full instructions come with the liner including everything required to complete the installation..

Factory installations can be arranged and will then be quoted on separately.

Round, square or rectangular shaped liners can be made to any size. These are made to customers specifications for leaking cement, brick, zinc, welded mesh or steel framed reservoirs.  the thickness and type of material used is depended on the size and application.  We supply from 300micron up-to 1200micron.

tank liner

Replacement liners

Pond liners


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