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Steel Water Reservoir

Circular liner tanks, different shape, same FTS quality.

Through rigorous research and development combined with the needs of our customers, we are proud to announce our new product, the Flexitank Systems Circular liner Tanks.

Steel water reservoir

Large steel water reservoirs

Leaders in Steel Water Reservoirs

The  life of Aluzinc has significant environmental advantages over, for example, hot dip galvanized sheets which have a much shorter lifespan. Galvanised requires earlier/more frequent replacement than Aluzinc.  We call the new flat-sheet Aluzinc tank our steel reservoir,   steel is known as one of the strongest materials and we are proud to compare this Aluzinc tank to steel.  Also, once steel is produced, it is part of a constant cycle, as steel always contains recycled materials. Steel is 100% recyclable.

The liners in our steel water reservoirs consist of a food grade PVC plasticized formulation coated on a polyester woven fabric with a high frequency pattern weld, thus making the weld stronger than the material itself.


Application Of Steel Water Reservoirs

Aluzinc is used where a long service life is an essential requirement. Mouldable and weldable, it readily accepts painted finishes. Aluzinc coated steel offers superior long-term corrosion resistance in most weather conditions by combining the sacrificial protection of zinc with the barrier protection of aluminium.

Aluzinc steel liners Tanks outperform galvanized liners Tanks 3-7 times!

Liner water tank
Steel liner tanks

Solutions and Benefits

The main benefit from using liners in our tanks is to prevent liquids from making direct contact with the tank panels therefore preventing excess corrosion.

The radial and vertical stiffeners used in our steel reservoirs are exclusive to the FTS system which make the FTS steel tank ideal to be used in high velocity wind areas.

Liner Water Tanks From FTS.

FTS tanks is a manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality Aluzinc steel, sectional water storage tanks for liquid or water storage solutions throughout Southern Africa.


On site installation, durable system that is rugged, dependable and visually attractive, at the same time capable of withstanding the harshest environments. As tank suppliers, we ensure that our durable reservoirs suit your specific requirements perfectly and that your stored, potable drinking water is clean, untainted and odourless. Our steel water reservoir our specialised ASIB approved steel fire protection tanks and of the highest quality. We also provide approved dual fire-fighting/drinking water tanks.

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Large water tank Engineering

We can offer a thorough, site specific structural design calculation package (SDCP), stamped by a professional engineer licensed in the project location site,  this needs to be requested as it is worked into the quotation. This ensures each tank is built to the location’s specific requirements and complies with local ordinances and laws, protecting all parties. Site specific tanks may incorporate thicker metal wall sheets or roof panels, stiffeners, heavy duty anchors, and other components to satisfy the local seismic, wind speed and live load requirements.


We take engineering very seriously for the safety and security of all parties involved.

Steel Water Reservoir Tank Specs:

Standard tank plates 2400 x 1219 mm rectangular configured in one of the following formations.

Tank Parts

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