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Elevated water pressed steel tank

The FTS tanks Towers are designed and manufactured as per SANS 10162.

Elevated water pressed steel tank

Elevated water pressed steel tanks designed to perfection

 When purchasing a elevated pressed steel water tank on towers from FTS tanks, the drawings provided are signed off by our  Engineer and include a civil design with bending schedule which is site specific for the casting of the civil/foundation of the steel tower/structure. Should additional technical assistance be required during the civil work beneath the tower, our Engineer is available for guidance via our friendly FTS tanks Staff.

Should additional technical assistance be required during the civil work beneath the tower, our Engineer is available.

FTS tanks can supply and install pressed steel panel water tanks in any size ranging from 1000 to 5 Million litres. Pressed steel Panel water tanks can be ground based and serviced by a pressure vessel and pump or elevated on a tower up-to 35 meters to create water pressure by altitude.

Square steel tank on towers

Rectangular steel tanks made to fit

Elevated water steel tanks have no equal for ease and durability – simple to ship and assemble in even the remotest locations. The same pressed steel water tank system lets you build a 1000litre tank for a single household or a 5 mil litre tank to supply an entire town.

They’re also cost-effective because you choose the panel material according to your needs and budget. We use cutting-edge design and fabrication methods to ensure each panel’s quality and consistency, including robotic welding, laser cutting, and sheet moulding compound with 1000-metric-ton hot-pressed compression.

We seek out and adopt the latest technologies from leading manufacturers in Britain, Japan, and international joint ventures. All our tank systems are earthquake tested up to 1.5g. to maximize the performance of every tank panel is just part of what we do to ensure our water storage solutions are second-to-none.

Elevated water pressed steel tank

FTS tanks designs, manufactures and installs high quality underground, ground level, elevated, sectional water storage tanks.

FTS Tanks takes pride in excellent customer service and client satisfaction whilst always being on the lookout for brilliant new technology that can be used to improve our tanks, designs and large tank construction.

FTS elevated steel tanks come in a modular system. Tanks are formed using prefabricated panels, cleats and internal bracing bolted together on site, to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities. All mild steel components are hot-dipped galvanised as per SANS 121 (ISO 1461) and the tanks are sealed using our EPDM double flanged gasket which adds an extra 4mm double ribbed sealing solution. 

This is an important key factor for the water sealing and longevity of the tank. The FTS pressed steel water tank have the advantage of “Flat Packed” palletized consignments for economical transport, and enables rapid on-site assembly. These tanks are installed on civil engineered concrete plinths, castellated beams or the FTS PR engineered and designed galvanised steel towers depending on client and site requirements

Elevated water steel tanks

Contact us directly or send us an e-mail to find our more about our elevated water tanks or how FTS tanks can help you with your liquid storage or liquid transportation. Tank refurbishments and tank maintenance solutions are also available from FTS tanks. Please contact us if you have any tank maintenance or refurbishment requirements.

steel water tanks on towers

Steel water tanks on towers

The FTS steel water tanks on towers are particularly useful in the secluded areas where electricity is not easily accessible as gravity will do the work of feeding water to areas that need it. With the towers also hot dipped galvanised the steel is protected from any harsh elements our African weather may throw at it.

Downloadable Installation Guides

Steel tank on tower
Pressed steel tank on elevated on a steel tower
Square steel tank on tower
Elevated pressed steel tank South Africa

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Pressed steel water tanks on towers

Elevated pressed steel tank