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Corrugated Reservoir

Water Reservoirs and Liners

Corrugated Reservoirs are made with Iron frames with an inner liner of PVC. The height of the Corrugation Reservoir allows for more liquid volume per square meter on the ground in comparison to stand alone bladder Storage Tanks which only go 800mm high.

corrugated reservoirs

Budget friendly corrugated water tanks

By far the most cost-effective solution in South Africa.

Cheapest option when compared to the more robust and durable Aluzinc round steel tank and the sectional steel panel tank,  in the water tank industry  the Aluzinc tank and sectional steel panel tanks are known as the Ferrari of tanks,  and the Corrugated reservoirs are also known as the Volkswagens.  This means that the Corrugated tank is a very reliable tank, it just does not have the capacity to go more than 500 thousand litters like the other two, going up to 3.2mil and 6mil litres.

Corrugated water tanks are constructed using panels of galvanised steel shipped to your location in sections and can be installed in just one day. On the inside of the tank is a flexible liner to safely store water (or other liquids) and prevents any damage directly to the reservoir interior. Steel plaasdamme or zinc damme water tanks are a cost-effective storage method and are designed for strength. 

A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty is included, depending on the tank model and size, and provided that FTS tanks approved service professionals oversee the installation of your corrugated tank.

Corrugated Iron water tanks

Corrugated water tank
Corrugated reservoir

Multiple Applications for corrugated tanks

Corrugated tanks optional Components:

Advantages of a corrugated water reservoir tank

Corrugated water tanks used for Rainwater harvesting tanks

The insufficient and interrupted water supply by municipalities, have necessitated the need for emergency industrial water storage systems. The harvesting and storing of rainwater in corrugated reservoirs have proven to be a very effective measure in assisting communities to ensure a constant supply of water for operations and to cut the utilities bill.

Harvested rainwater can be stored in Fts tanks rugged, durable and aesthetically pleasing water reservoir systems that require no maintenance and leave you with a hassle-free system.

Corrugated steel water tanks Liners

Each corrugated steel water tank comes with an interior liner that is chosen based on the type of liquid stored in the tank. Fabrics will usually be either a potable water grade or a non-potable water grade depending on the kind of water stored.

Corrugated water tank South Africa

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Corrugated reservoirs