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Circular Steel Tanks

The designs is in accordance to a recognized code of practice, this enables FTS to design various custom circular water tanks for numerous projects according to specific design codes and standards.

Circular steel water tank

We Provide Three Circular Steel Tank Solutions

The Aluzinc Steel round water Tank is designed to stand up to aggressive wind loads in specific regions where hurricanes, high winds and thunderstorms occurs regularly. The tank shell can be adapted to any bespoke needs, we can adapt the wall sheet thickness, roof sheeting and truss design for a more durable structure when nature comes thundering down.

Corrugated water tanks are constructed using panels of galvanised steel shipped to your location in sections and can be installed in just one day. On the inside of the tank is a flexible liner to safely store water (or other liquids) and prevents any damage directly to the reservoir interior.

Steel is known for being one of strongest materials and we our proud to compare our new flat-sheet Aluzinc tank to steel.  

The liners in our steel water reservoirs consist of a food grade PVC plasticized formulation coated on a polyester woven fabric with a high frequency pattern weld, thus making the weld stronger than the material itself.

Circular steel water tank

Aluzinc Round Tank

Top of the range high quality tank to with stand the elements.

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Corrugated Steel Tank

Budget friendly alternative to the more robust and costly water tanks

steel water reservoir

Steel Water Reservoir

Compares to the strength of steel, quick manufacturing time and installations,  Water tank in its most effective form.

Circular steel tank

round steel tank

circular water tanks

round steel water tanks

Round Aluzinc tanks

We install Round Aluzinc water tanks with a capacity of 10 000 to over 3.2 million litres that can withstand the African elements. The double protection mechanism of Aluzinc steel water tanks, which consist of 43.5% zinc, 55% aluminium and 1.5% silicon provide a superior coating, making these round steel water tanks extremely applicable for use in areas with high corrosion levels such as coastal or desert locations.


Aluzinc tanks can be supplied with custom liners allowing you to store almost any liquid.  They are available in various colours and can be installed permanently or temporarily – allowing the option to relocate. The steel walls of the reservoir are optimally balanced with the domed roof for maximum strength at a competitive price. Its modular design means it can be flat packed for easy transport and export. They come with a DIY option and best of all – a 5 year warrantee!

Round Corrugated water tanks

Round corrugated water tanks are the standard shape in the industry as the circular shape has natural strength without the need for extra material or bracing, by sacrificing the stiffeners and bracing the corrugated round tank can only store upto 500 000 liters with a larger foot print.  They are environmentally friendly, custom-made and hand-crafted. They can be used for for both rain-water and emergency water storage. 

Circular tank Liner options

Each circular steel tank comes with an interior liner that is chosen based on the type of liquid stored in the tank. Liners will usually be either a potable water grade or a non-potable water grade depending on the kind of liquid stored

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circular water tank
Round Aluzinc water tank
Circular water tank
Round steel water tank

Round steel water tanks

Circular steel tanks are a superb storage option for rainwater collection, fresh water storage, fire protection, irrigation water storage, water treatment, and more. Equipped to store large capacities, our circular tanks are popular for use in industrial facilities, businesses, residential, and rural areas to store water or other solids or most liquids.

One of the main circular steel water tanks advantages is the tank’s size and shipping requirements. While standard welded steel tanks are built and shipped to your location fully constructed, the corrugated water tanks ship in pieces for assembly on site,  and can be DIY if depending on model and Volume.