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Mobile fuel station

FTS tanks provide the complete turnkey solution for portable fuel stations.  By incorporating our Fuel bladders into a reinforced ISO container that constitutes as secondary containment. 

Mobile fuel station

Portable Fuel storage tanks

 FTS tanks provide the option of using a old existing container that can be refurbished or a new container for more aesthetic appearance.  The pump fits nicely with all electrical equipment inside the front of the container thus making it a secure setup that is lockable.  

Advantages Of A Mobile Fuel Tank

  • 55 000l per 12m container
  • 26 000l per 6m container
  • Self bunded
  • Lockable unit with all pumps and meters securely behind  container doors
  • Looks discrete and like a normal shipping container
  • Cost effective when comparing litre storage price against other tanks
  • Can be easily transported to any location.
  • Portable fuel storage tanks
Mobile Fuel station

Portable fuel storage tanks

FTS tanks Filling Stations are the perfect solution for the distribution of liquid fuels in containerized versions. A customised option that features reduced transport costs and maximized fuel storage ratios, also including setting and parameterization services, start-up support and implementation training.  Additionally, FTS tanks has a strong commitment to safety and quality products, manufacturing our tanks to meet or exceed the UN specifications. This dedication is why our quality control team double-checks every inch of each mobile fuel station and fuel bladder — using test procedure ASTM 751 and the current U.S. mil-spec before shipping.

  • Reinforced self bunded container
  • Fuel bladder
  • Fuel dispenser 50liters/min dispenser
  • Fuel transfer pump, approximately 500liter/min(unloading and supply)
  • Fuel filter
  • Electricity Distribution box
  • Fire proof lightning
  • Vent and Valve
  • Fuel meter
Potable fuel storage tanks
Self bunded diesel tank

Optional extras:

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • ADX automatic extinguishing system
  • Fire resistant Ventilation cap
  • Level gauge system
  • Leakage detection device
  • Generator or solar system

Complete Self bunded containerised Mobile Fuel station

FTS tanks fuel filling station has all the features of a conventional petrol station, integrated into a container, additional add-on's liquid level meter, combustible gas alarm system, automatic fire extinguishing device, spill-proof device and a variety of connections pipe, pump, etc. Tank capacity ranging from 10 000litre up-to 55 000 litre. When empty the mobile fuel station weight can be moved, with a common container truck.

Portable fuel storage tanks

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