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Dam linings South Africa

Dam linings South Africa in the form of PVC dam liners, also known as flexible membrane earth dam liners, are a popular choice for constructing and waterproofing dams in South Africa. These earth dam liners are made from a durable, puncture-, and UV resistant material that is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of South Africa's climate.

Dam linings south Africa and One of the biggest advantages of using PVC dam liners is their ability to provide a watertight seal. This is crucial for preventing leaks and seepage, which can cause serious damage to the dam structure and the surrounding environment. PVC liners are also highly resistant to UV rays and other forms of weathering, making them durable solution for dam construction.

dam lining South Africa
Dam linings South Africa were A team of workers carefully unrolls and installs a PVC earth dam liner on the interior surface of a dam. The liner, made of a durable and waterproof PVC material, will help to prevent water leakage and erosion in the dam

PVC dam linings South Africa is also quickly deployable and does not take months of planning to line or replace an existing lining for critical water supply. This makes them ideal for a variety of industries, such as civil water supply, mining, agriculture and industrial applications.

Another benefit of PVC dam linings South Africa is their flexibility. Unlike traditional concrete or earthen dams, flexible liners can conform to the contours of the dam site, making it easier to construct a dam in difficult or uneven terrain. PVC liners can be easily repaired or replaced if needed, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance and repairs.

A commonly used material for dams is HDPE which unlike the PVC is ridged and is more likely to split when there is geo-movement in the earth which is often the case especially with new dams.

PVC dam linings South Africa are environmentally friendly. They are made from non-toxic materials and do not contain any harmful chemicals, making them safe for use in areas where the dam is used for irrigation or potable drinking water.

Overall, PVC dam lining is an excellent choice for dam construction in South Africa. They are durable, waterproof, and easy to install, making them an economical, value for money solution for both new and existing dams. PVC liners are environmentally friendly, which is an important consideration in South Africa, where water resources are scarce.

Earth dam lining offerings and other liquid storage solutions FTS offers

Corrugated reservoir

Corrugated Tanks

Corrugated tanks is a great standby facility for your house, office or factory for when the suppliers of water let us down or simply to save money.

Fuel bladder

Tank Bank Integration

Tank Bank Integration is A Liquid storage tank bank can be fully integrated in your computerized dosing and mixing plants.

Bladder tanks

Bladder Tanks

Bladder tanks can be made in a full military specification and have been manufactured with the highest safety standards using the latest technology.

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Flexi Tank ISO LDPE

High-temperature-resistant Flexitank is a Container liquid transportation tank with new heat-resistant material technology.

Heli flexi

Heli Flexi

Heli-Flexies also known as a helicopter water bucket are in use worldwide for disaster relief, homeland security, emergency response, power-line utilities (electricity/power), remote work camps and mining facilities

transportable bladder

Transportable Bladder Tanks

The transportable bladder flexitank breaks the traditional transportation mode, and is applicable to agricultural vehicle, picking-up vehicle, box type vehicle, and flatbed trailers

Aluzinc round steel tank

Aluzinc Round Steel tanks

Our Aluzinc round steel water Tank range successfully tried and trusted by mines, municipalities, industrial, fire protection and rural development


Oil boom

Oil booms contain oil spills, ideally used in harbours where tankers charge and discharge oil. They are usually towed by a marine vessel, empty or filled.

Pressed steel Galvanised tanks

Pressed Steel Tanks

FLexitank pressed steel tanks are suitable for the storage of medium to high volumes of liquids.  Pressed Steel tanks can be tailor made to suite various industrial and residential applications.