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Water Reservoirs and Liners

Corrugated Water Reservoirs are made with Iron frames with an inner liner of PVC or Polyurethane. The height of the Corrugation Reservoir allows for more liquid volume per square meter on the ground in comparison to stand alone Storage Static Tanks which only go 800mm high.




Pressed steel tank

FTS pressed steel tanks are made with panels and are also known as panel tanks suitable for the storage of medium to high volumes of water and other liquids. All Pressed Steel Tanks are hot dipped galvanized panels and can be tailor made to serve as various industrial and residential reservoir applications. FlexiTank Systems can supply and install these panel tanks in any size ranging from 1000 to 5 Million liters. All pressed steel tanks structures are signed off by a registered engineer. Panel tanks can be ground based and serviced by a pressure vessel and pump or elevated up-to 20 meters to create water pressure by altitude.




Fuel Bladder

Flexitank Systems has the expertise to advice on all and any Hazchem liquid pillow tank applications.  Industry users range from Land, Aviation, Marine, Military and Aid Agency/NGO markets. The sizes of the pillow tanks  range from 100ℓ to 250 000ℓ capacities.

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Water Bladder

Our Water Bladder Tanks are manufactured with the highest safety standards using the latest technology, proven over the last 20 years. Used in Agriculture, Defense Forces, Manufacturing, UN Aid, domestic and Rapid deployment for any liquid storage are just some of the applications available. The application for the water bladders dictates the use with or without a berm liner for secondary containment. A pillow tank operates in a vacuum, therefor what you put into a water bladder is also exactly what you get out. Zero dust, air or light exposure to your productd1ce4de1 194d 4430 b607 589ffc5d1757 1