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Pi 3.14 Steel water tanks

A Product By Flexi Tank Systems

Through rigorous research and development combined with the needs of our customers, we are proud to announce our unique product, the FTS 𝝅 3.14.Tank

Our FTS 𝝅 3.14 round tank, uses a unique and revolutionary lap-joint design with no internal bracing giving you optimum storage capacity. The ease of transportation and ease of it’s assembly makes our FTS 𝝅 3.14 tank popular around the globe.

A 2 million litre tank only weighs 9 tons and can be easily transported.

Our other tanks are widely used for a range of applications including; fire-water, catching rain water, farms, rural water schemes, community water storage, and many industrial applications such as; Diesel, Paraffin, and HFO storage as well as demineralised water, Grey waste water and potable, treated water stockpiling. 

Round steel water tank

At FTS Tanks, we are proud to introduce our innovation in water storage solutions – the FTS Pie 3.14 Steel Water Tank. Designed with precision and built to stand the test of time, this tank combines outstanding quality with unmatched versatility. Lets delve into the remarkable features and advantages that make our tank a game-changer in the industry.

Round Aluzinc water tank

Exceptional quality

FTS Pi 3.14 Steel Water Tank

Our FTS Pi 3.14 Steel Water Tank is engineered in accordance with the highest standards, making it the smart choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re in need of a reliable water storage solution for your agricultural endeavors, industrial operations, or domestic use, this tank is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

The Tank is constructed using Aluzinc or Galvanised sheets that are expertly bolted together to form a robust radius. This construction ensures exceptional structural integrity, durability, and resistance to the harshest environmental conditions. Aluzinc provides a corrosion resistant layer that will insure the tank last more than 50 years.

To ensure that the water stored in our tank and remains uncontaminated and safe for human and animal consumption, we have equipped the FTS Pi 3.14 Steel Water Tank with a certified liner. This cutting-edge geomembrane technology guarantees that the liquid inside is free from impurities, meeting the highest quality standards.  The can safely store a wide variety of liquids.

Pie 3.14 round steel water tank
Adaptability of the FTS Pi 3.14
water tank

FTS Pi 3.14 Steel Water Tank is designed to adapt to your specific needs. Whether you’re located in an area prone to hurricanes, high winds, thunderstorms, or even earthquakes, our tank can be tailored to withstand the challenges of nature. You can customize wall sheet thickness, roof sheeting, and truss design for added durability, ensuring your tank stands strong even in the face of the most aggressive wind loads.

Ease of Installation

Our tank’s modular design makes it incredibly easy to transport anywhere in the world and erect on-site. Whether you’re in a remote agricultural area or a bustling industrial site, you’ll find that setting up the FTS Pi 3.14 Steel Water Tank is a hassle-free process.

Blending with the Environment

We understand the importance of aesthetics, especially when it comes to rural and domestic water storage. That’s why the FTS Pi 3.14 Steel Water Tank can be produced in optional polymer-coated colors that blend seamlessly with the environment. This ensures that your tank not only performs flawlessly but also complements its surroundings.

Multiple Applications

FTS Pi 3.14 Steel Water Tank is incredibly versatile. It finds applications in agriculture, irrigation, stock and poultry farming, industrial and mining sectors, wastewater treatment plants, township development, and even for storing potable water in security estates. Its exceptional fireproofing qualities also make it an ideal choice for firewater storage tanks.

sectional steel water storage tanks

FTS Pi 3.14 Steel Water Tank embodies the same exceptional quality and versatility as our Smart Tank, making it the ultimate solution for all your water storage needs. Its durable construction, adaptable design, and eco-friendly options set it apart as a reliable choice for a variety of industries. Contact FTS Tanks today to learn more about how the FTS Pie 3.14 Steel Water Tank can benefit your specific project.

steel water tank
Round Water tank
water storage tanks

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