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Steel vs plastic water tanks

Steel vs plastic water tanks

Steel vs plastic water tanks , which is better?  Let’s start at the beginning.  Water tanks are used to store large quantities of water for many different reasons, including agricultural irrigation, domestic and business use, fire protection purposes, rainwater collection and many more.

There are various materials of which a water tank can be manufacturing, the two most popular being plastic and steel. A Big part in deciding the type of water tank to choose is related to the capacity that needs storing.

Advantages of steel water tanks

While steel water tanks are more expensive than plastic tanks, they have a much higher capacity and are more durable than plastic tanks.

Steel water tanks are perfect for customers who need to store anything from small sized tanks to much larger amounts of water. Steel tanks can hold up to 5 million litres of water, making them a better choice for irrigation, industrial and fire protection. They are more durable than plastic tanks, lasting 20+ years, due to them being resistant to the environment and the harsh African sun. Being a completely closed tank this prevent algae to grow in a steel water tank, making it a more hygienic choice, especially where for drinking water.

The wide range of sizes allows the tanks to be customized to fit the customers requirements. Compared to plastic rotor-moulded tanks which only come in specific sizes – 1 000 L, 5 000 L, 10 000 L, etc.

In summary, steel tanks are great for all uses, however budget wise they are more expensive.

advantages of steel water tanks

Disadvantages of steel water tanks

Steel water tanks are more expensive to manufacture and time consuming to install than plastic tanks. However, the larger the capacity is, the more cost effective it becomes. They may be the cheaper choice in the long run due to their durability. The manufacturing process can take around 4-6 weeks. steel tanks also require proper concrete foundations.

Advantages of plastic water tanks

If you are looking for smaller volume options that are more cost-effective, plastic makes sense. Plastic rotor moulded water tanks are roughly 30% of the cost of a steel tank. They are, in a way, inexpensive when it comes to transportation of single tanks and because plastic tanks are already moulded, they are easier to install and cheaper to transport than steel tanks. 

Plastic water tanks can be bought at various building, hardware or coop stores as stock items.

Plastic tanks are offered in several colours but mainly green. Having said this, steel tanks can also be powder coated or painted in different colours instead of being galvanised, putting them on par with plastic tanks from an aesthetic perspective.

Most plastic tanks last around 5-10 years, depending on whether they are exposed consistently to the sun.

Disadvantages of plastic water tanks

Plastic tanks serve a specific purpose, however are limited in size and if you need to transport more than one unit it becomes an issue as you are basically transporting empty space. If several tanks are required transportation becomes costly.

That is why you will find plastic manufacturing plants all over the country. Whereas steel is stacked and assembled on site, so you can transport it a lot easier. Up to 20 000 L, plastic tanks are a great alternative, but above this they are no longer an option. Unless you are going to have multiple tanks next to each other. If a higher capacity is needed one would have to purchase a few plastic tanks and link together to get the same amount of water required.

Plastic tanks-, especially those darker in colour, are susceptible to UV heating. Warm water is the perfect breeding ground for algae, which means that plastic tanks are not ideal for domestic use or for storing drinking water over long periods. However, this issue can be avoided by self-cleaning water tank and doing regular maintenance.

FTS Tanks product line and offerings

Corrugated reservoir

Corrugated Tanks

Corrugated tanks is a great standby facility for your house, office or factory for when the suppliers of water let us down or simply to save money.

Fuel bladder

Tank Bank Integration

Tank Bank Integration is A Liquid storage tank bank can be fully integrated in your computerized dosing and mixing plants.

Bladder tanks

Bladder Tanks

Bladder tanks can be made in a full military specification and have been manufactured with the highest safety standards using the latest technology.

mFullbladder2rt 1

Flexi Tank ISO LDPE

High-temperature-resistant Flexitank is a Container liquid transportation tank with new heat-resistant material technology.

Heli flexi

Heli Flexi

Heli-Flexies also known as a helicopter water bucket are in use worldwide for disaster relief, homeland security, emergency response, power-line utilities (electricity/power), remote work camps and mining facilities

transportable bladder

Transportable Bladder Tanks

The transportable bladder flexitank breaks the traditional transportation mode, and is applicable to agricultural vehicle, picking-up vehicle, box type vehicle, and flatbed trailers

Aluzinc round steel tank

Aluzinc Round Steel tanks

Our Aluzinc round steel water Tank range successfully tried and trusted by mines, municipalities, industrial, fire protection and rural development


Oil boom

Oil booms contain oil spills, ideally used in harbours where tankers charge and discharge oil. They are usually towed by a marine vessel, empty or filled.

Pressed steel Galvanised tanks

Pressed Steel Tanks

FLexitank pressed steel tanks are suitable for the storage of medium to high volumes of liquids.  Pressed Steel tanks can be tailor made to suite various industrial and residential applications.

Steel vs plastic water tanks

Steel vs plastic water tanks