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Water Bladder Tanks: The Ultimate Solution for Storing and Distributing Water

Water bladder
Water bladder tanks being tested in a factory

Water is a crucial resource in our daily lives, and its proper storage and distribution are crucial in ensuring the smooth running of various activities. With the increasing demand for water, especially in arid regions, it’s becoming imperative to have efficient and reliable water storage solutions. This is where water bladder tanks come in.

Bladder tanks, also known as flexitanks, are high-capacity containers that are designed to store and transport water. They are made from flexible materials and come in different sizes, shapes, and capacities to suit various needs. One of the most popular types of bladder tanks is the FTS (Foldable Tank System) tanks.

FTS tanks are designed to be lightweight, compact, and durable, making them an ideal solution for water storage and distribution in remote locations. They are easy to install, transport, and store, making them an ideal solution for emergency response situations, outdoor events, and construction sites. The tanks are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable, leak-proof, and resistant to punctures and abrasions.

One of the key benefits of FTS tanks is their versatility. They come in different sizes and capacities, allowing users to choose the right tank to suit their needs. Additionally, they are easy to use, and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal solution for long-term water storage.

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Water bladder

Another benefit of FTS tanks is their cost-effectiveness. They are much more affordable than traditional metal or concrete water tanks, and their lightweight construction means that they are less expensive to transport and install. This makes them an ideal solution for small-scale water storage projects, as well as for larger projects that require high-volume water storage solutions.

In conclusion, FTS tanks are an ideal solution for water storage and distribution, offering a range of benefits, including versatility, affordability, and durability. They are perfect for remote locations, outdoor events, emergency response situations, and construction sites, providing a reliable source of water when and where it’s needed. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective and efficient solution for your water storage needs, consider investing in an FTS tank today!


Water bladders and other liquid storage solutions from FTS tanks.

Corrugated reservoir

Corrugated Tanks

Corrugated tanks is a great standby facility for your house, office or factory for when the suppliers of water let us down or simply to save money.

Fuel bladder

Tank Bank Integration

Tank Bank Integration is A Liquid storage tank bank can be fully integrated in your computerized dosing and mixing plants.

Bladder tanks

Bladder Tanks

Bladder tanks can be made in a full military specification and have been manufactured with the highest safety standards using the latest technology.

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Flexi Tank ISO LDPE

High-temperature-resistant Flexitank is a Container liquid transportation tank with new heat-resistant material technology.

Heli flexi

Heli Flexi

Heli-Flexies also known as a helicopter water bucket are in use worldwide for disaster relief, homeland security, emergency response, power-line utilities (electricity/power), remote work camps and mining facilities

transportable bladder

Transportable Bladder Tanks

The transportable bladder flexitank breaks the traditional transportation mode, and is applicable to agricultural vehicle, picking-up vehicle, box type vehicle, and flatbed trailers

Aluzinc round steel tank

Aluzinc Round Steel tanks

Our Aluzinc round steel water Tank range successfully tried and trusted by mines, municipalities, industrial, fire protection and rural development


Oil boom

Oil booms contain oil spills, ideally used in harbours where tankers charge and discharge oil. They are usually towed by a marine vessel, empty or filled.

Pressed steel Galvanised tanks

Pressed Steel Tanks

FLexitank pressed steel tanks are suitable for the storage of medium to high volumes of liquids.  Pressed Steel tanks can be tailor made to suite various industrial and residential applications.