What are Fuel Bladder Tanks

Fuel bladders, fuel storage bladders, or Flexi-bags are collapsible, flexible storage bladders (also known as tanks) that provide temporary or long term storage for industrial liquids (e.g. fuels). These pillow shaped tanks are designed for large volume liquid transport, industrial chemicals, potable water, sludge, and fuel storage. Our standard fuel bladder tanks sizes range from 100ℓ to 250 000ℓ capacities. Larger fuel bladder tanks can be made  To minimize the risk of leakage, and for the sake of containing a catastrophic spill, all fuel bladders should be housed in secondary containment (bunding). The use of fuel bladders without precautionary measures is risky and should not be undertaken.

Fuel bladders can be used in various fields, such as agribusiness, public works, humanitarian, military and industrial areas. Standard tanks are designed for land-based use and operations, but can be used in marine settings and in aviation given proper support. Fuel bladders are also commonly used in oil spill recovery operations.

High-end fuel bladders offer a high degree of protection of the stored liquids, ensuring the contents never come in contact with air. This ensures that there is no risk of evaporation or explosion due to gas formation. In order to prevent liquid contamination, a neutral barrier film is added to the fuel bladder’s inner side.