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Plastic diesel tank

Non-Baffled Transportable Harnessed Bladder Tanks at Gerotek Testing Facility In conjunction with Dr Paul Nordingen, the University of Pretoria (Faculty of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering) and Afrimat LTD (A listed top 500 Company), FTS Flexitank Systems will soon be testing non-baffled Transportable Harnassed Bladder tanks at Gerotek testing facility. This will enable the cost of […]

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  Water Reservoirs and Liners Corrugated Water Reservoirs are made with Iron frames with an inner liner of PVC or Polyurethane. The height of the Corrugation Reservoir allows for more liquid volume per square meter on the ground in comparison to stand alone Storage Static Tanks which only go 800mm high.     Pressed steel […]