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Providing water storage tanks and Liquid Storage and Transportation Solutions

Flexitank Systems has for the past two decades successfully created innovative liquid storage solutions, founded in 2003. Our bladder tanks, sectional panel tanks, Aluzinc tanks and corrugated reservoirs have become the industry standard of excellence.  FTS Flexitank-Systems products have been used for Potable- and Grey water, various Emulsions, low octane fuels such as Diesel, Jet A1, HFO, Paraffin and too many chemicals to name, all over Africa.

Based in Gauteng South Africa, the gateway to Africa, we are ideally suited as the springboard into Africa with our high quality, proudly made African manufactured products. We use the very latest internationally recognized techniques and technologies, and our materials are of the highest standards to ensure that FTS FlexitankSystems’ full range of tank and bladder products are durable and of a high quality. FTS systems specializes in tailormade solutions for your sectional steel tanks, water reservoirs, bladder tanks, fuel tanks, transportable bladders needs and provide turnkey start to finish solutions for any liquid storage needs.


Some of our Proud Clients

Need a water or liquid storage tank?

No matter your expectation from your suppliers, with us you will never be disappointed with our product or service. We look at giving our clients the best advice to make informed important decisions about their water and other resource storage. As a high quality supplier, we raise the bar in our industry for not only local quality but also service which we deliver bespoke to each customer and each new project. FTS Flexitank systems’ rapid growth in customer projects and reputation is testimony to this.   

FTS exclusive Project Management System

There can be no doubt FTS Flexitank systems delivers a unique and advantageous product and service through our exclusive Project Management System with our “Two Step Quality Assurance”.

  1. Pre-project commencement inspection and sign of by independent QC/engineer and Coo factory manager
  2. Post-assembly verification and sign-off

This sets a new standard for project management excellence in our industry.

water storage tanks
Bladder tank
Elevated pressed steel tank South Africa
Sectional steel panel water tanks
water storage tanks
sectional steel water storage tanks

Our unique business proposition is a single point of contact for your project from start to finish, there is no passing the buck. From the moment you engage with FTS Flexitank-Systems, you will deal with a professionally trained Project Manager (PM) who will be responsible for the entire project. Your PM will be pro-active in visiting and pre-inspecting your tank erecting site, ensure pricing is correct and equitable, organise technical drawings and execute your project strictly according to a prepared MS Project plan to which you as a customer have full insight at any time, which will prevent surprises in your planned budget and timing.    

What we do best

We have highly skilled installation teams, consisting of trained installers, coded welders, and project managers, that ensure top quality and meet the expectations of the client specifications. 

Coded Welders

Trained Installers

Qualified Engineers

Water storage tanks and other Liquid Storage Solutions, we Specialize In

Keeping your budget in mind we can provide you with a host of liquid storage solutions from water bladder tanks to sectional steel water tanks and corrugated zinc dams. FTS supply and install all of the following products and more.

Our Flexible Liquid solutions are for; portable water, grey water, effluent water, food-grade, non-hazardous chemicals, specialty oils, low octane fuels like Diesel and Jet A1 and many other liquids which may be tested for compatibility in our tanks.


We specialise in our offered products and excel in their delivery to clients. Bladder tanks, Pressed steel water storage tanks, Reservoirs, Aluzinc tanks, ISO Container tanks and Transportable tanks are our most common products and our customers demand the highest standards for their money and we do not disappoint. Due to the wide demand for bespoke and custom made engineered solutions, our flexible approach, innovation and development department will always find a way to manufacture to specific customer needs. Our team of competent and experienced engineers, are waiting and eager to assist you instantaneously, with your next liquid storage challenges.

Aluzinc Tanks

FTS tanks supplies a wide range of Zincalume /Aluzinc Tanks , for affordable & flexible use in many applications. The special characteristics of the Aluzinc Tank steel tank are quality, firmness of shape & mechanical strength. Every tank is optimally designed by a professional engineer to use the strongest and best materials available. Most of the materials is sourced locally to save on import duties and cost. Every tank is build with the very best experienced and passionate workers as if it were there own. Installers are trained and certified to give you the most memorable experience during every installation process.

Round steel water tank
Pressed steel Galvanised tanks
Pressed Steel Tanks

Pressed steel water storage tanks also known as panel tanks or sectional tanks are constructed with hydraulically pressed flanged panels, conform to BS 1564: 1975 and SS22: 1979. Our Panel tanks / Pressed steel tanks are manufactured and installed as per our clients requirements while still conforming to the standards listed above.  Pressed steel tanks offer heavy duty long term liquid storage solutions. These panel steel water storage tanks can be assembled at ground level or they can be elevated on structural steel towers.  Panel tanks that are raised above the ground have the tank stand as an integral part of the design.  

Water Bladder Tanks

Our Water Bladder Tanks are manufactured with the highest safety standards using the latest technology, proven over the last 20 years. Water Bladder Tanks are used in Agriculture, Manufacturing, UN Aid, domestic and Rapid deployment.  The application for the bladder water storage tanks dictates the use with or without a berm liner for secondary containment. A water bladder tank operates in a vacuum, therefore what you put into a water bladder tank is also exactly what you get out of a water bladder tank. Zero dust, air or light exposure to your product.

water Bladder tanks
bladder tank
Fuel Bladder Tanks

Fuel bladder tanks are made in a full military specification also known as Pillow tanks. Fuel bladder tanks are collapsible, flexible storage bladders (also known as tanks) that provide temporary or long term storage for industrial liquids. Our High end fuel bladder tanks are made of elastomer coated fabrics manufactured by homogeneous vulcanization in one operation. Fuel bladder tanks can come equipped with all the necessary components for transportation, for example water transportation or fuel transportation on vehicles.

Corrugated Zinc Dams

Corrugated zinc dams also known as Corrugated reservoirs offer medium to long term water storage solutions. The corrugated reservoir is constructed using galvanized corrugated sheets.  The corrugated reservoir offer a medium weight to structure ratio when compared to other reservoirs.  PVC liners are available in 600, 750 and 1000 micron depending on application.  Corrugated Reservoirs are commonly used in agriculture and mining as they offer a strong and simple solution to liquid storage.

Corrugated reservoir
Bio Tank
Bio- and Methane Gas storage

There are various membranes which may be used, ranging from simple stand-alone bladder tanks, to more sophisticated constructions, PVC ground sheets with dome  on a concrete slab or part of a fixed silo. FTS- Flexitank Systems manufactures to any engineer specified drawing. This membrane moves up or downward depending on the filling level. In the case of a dome structure the gas holder with base plate and bottom membrane seals the storage space to the concrete foundation. With the help of the anchoring ring, the membranes are attached to the foundation. Particular emphasis is on the dimensioning of the membranes. 

Each holder will be calculated individually in consideration of the loads (internal pressure, wind and snow loads). As a result, membranes with high tensile strength are selected. The PVC-coated membranes are flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1, fungicide, and equipped with an increased UV protection.